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About Sculpture Barn

Atelier is the French word
for workshop, a place where artists work together under one master.

to David Boyajian's Atelier

The Atelier offers a contemporary approach to traditional materials including metal, stone and wood sculpture. Beginner through advanced students are welcome. Bring your inspiration or project idea and realize it under the tutelage of master sculptor, David Boyajian.

We offer three 12 week semesters per year.
You may also sign-up for an 8 week class or 4 week workshop if space is available




Metal Sculpture classes combine the techniques of the modernists with today's technology. Designed to produce maximum results whether you are a first time welder or seasoned sculptor seeking a new direction. We offer 12-week semesters and when space is available 8-week classes or 4-week workshops depending on project expectations.

Wood & stone sculpture is available as an alternative and takes place in the adjacent studio during the metal classes. You choose your creative direction; organic, geometric or figurative, and learn to achieve contour and form from a solid mass. Finishing and mounting techniques are also covered. Instruction is based on direct carving techniques using chisel and hammer as well as pneumatic tools.

David Boyajian earned his MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Rinehart School of Sculpture, Baltimore, MD in 1982 and has been teaching
at the graduate and post graduate level for 25 years.

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• Classes are filling fast for the Fall session. Sign up today!

Sculpture Barn offers an artist residency program for visual artists of exceptional merit.
Residencies are awarded by invitation. We also offer work study internships.
Learn about the intership program Call 203.746.6101 to inquire

The 4000 sq. ft. Atelier is equipped with four welders; two for steel, one for stainless and aluminum and one for bronze and copper. Learn the safe use of power tools necessary for cutting, forming and finishing. Additional equipment includes, rollers, break, anvil, plasma cutter, nibblers, metal drill press, metal band saw, grinders and more. Students should wear work boots, long sleeve cotton clothing and bring a pair of work gloves. Long hair must be tied back for safety. We provide scrap materials however purchasing additional materials based on your specific project will be discussed at the first class.

Pre-Registration is required to keep class sizes small
 You may choose from three scaling fee levels. The longer the session - the more you save.

 Click here for a PDF of our Atelier policies


12 Week

SEMEMSTERS Monday 6-10PM Wed 10-2PM Sat 10-2PM
WINTER Jan 7 - Mar 21 Jan 9 - Mar 23 Jan 12 - Mar 26
SPRING April 4 - June 20 April 6 - June 22 April 9 - June 25
FALL Sept 5 - Nov 28 Sept 7 - Nov 30 Sept 10 - Dec 3
Closed week of Thanks Giving and Xmas
8 Week
CLASSES Monday 6-10PM Wed 10-2PM Sat 10-2PM
SEMEMSTERS Monday 6-10PM Wed 10-2PM Sat 10-2PM
WINTER 1 Jan 7 - Feb 21 Jan 9 - Feb 23 Jan 12 - Feb 28
WINTER 2 Feb 27 - Mar 20 March 1 - Mar 19 March 4 - Mar 22
SPRING 1 April 4 - May 23 Feb 27 - May 25 Feb 27 - May 27
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